We believe that parents should be able to spend ample time with their families and have meaningful, challenging careers. Parents shouldn’t have to choose. When they have the flexibility to manage their schedules and priorities, parents can decide whether the week is organized around a soccer game or a client presentation, a business trip or a school play.

At Epicycle, we strive to make work-life balance a reality for parents who are committed to achievement and impact in their careers and thoughtful decision making in their parenting. We want children to have access to their parents when they need them. We want parents to be empowered to decide when and how often they need to be present for their children. And we want parents to maintain fulfilling careers that meet their financial responsibilities and their needs for growing and contributing to the world.

At work, we aspire to help create an organizational culture shift where talent is valued through family-friendly policies. We want parents to feel motivated and engaged because their organizations prioritize and invest in their development. We want to see vibrant, flexible work cultures that make staying in one’s current role a satisfying choice. We want organizations to recognize the importance of raising a family, and support professionals as they balance their job responsibilities with parenting. And we want employees to feel successful both at work and at home.

Ultimately, we envision national policies that support all parents at many different points in their journey of raising children. Finally, we believe in inclusiveness, diversity, and providing opportunities for those who historically haven’t had them, so all talented professionals can thrive and shine.

The Mastermind group has been a great opportunity for me as a new Entrepreneur, who’s just starting out, to make connections, learn from others, and get help with specific business problems. In my group, I’ve formed relationships with people who have provided valuable ideas through group brainstorming sessions and who I know will continue to help me as I grow my business.
— Judy, Entrepreneur