parental leave coaching

Companies and non-profit organizations have a unique opportunity to create stronger workplace cultures long before national policy brings about widespread change. Today, forward-thinking companies can not only create competitive parental leave policies, they can also support employees through individual or group coaching. This investment in people retains talent and improves gender diversity at the same time.

Replacing an employee typically costs at least twice their annual salary in HR expenses and lost productivity, not to mention the decline in institutional memory. Losing those in leadership roles increases the cost not only financially, but can be disruptive for teams and negative for morale. Putting processes in place to support parents yields bottom-line effects for companies.

Ultimately, what’s good for parents is what’s good for business.

Retaining Talent

We typically compartmentalize our professional selves and our personal selves. Yet events in one area of our lives often affect the others. Integrating these two identities makes parents better prepared both at work and at home.


Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching engagements with parents can include:

  • Preparing for parental leave
  • Transitioning back to work after parental leave
  • Aligning expectations for new parents and their managers
  • Identifying important values
  • Understanding how to put values into practice
  • Managing ongoing responsibilities at work and at home
  • Transforming a vision into an action plan

Coaching helps parents envision work-life integration and put it into practice.  Juggling two challenging jobs is manageable with support and proper planning.


executive coaching & leadership development

High-performing organizations know that one of their smartest investments is in the people who work for them. Whether the goal is to increase sales or fulfill a mission, people are the chief resource that will propel an organization to success.

Employees are positioned to maximize their impact when a space is carved out for them to further develop their strengths and increase their effectiveness. Similarly, teams perform better when they prioritize learning, embrace new attitudes, and adopt new approaches. Ultimately, investing in people allows an organization to transform a vision into results.

Strengthening Leaders

Coaching supports individual performers and teams, helping them expand their portfolio of skills and become aware of blind spots to create change in themselves and within their organizations. Through reflecting and learning from honest feedback, employees can identify self-limiting beliefs and behaviors and gain a new perspective. Armed with fresh approaches and increased self-awareness, employees can take their leadership, careers and organizations to the next level.

Executive coaching and leadership development engagements can include:

  • Moving from individual contributor to manager
  • Transitioning into a more senior leadership role
  • Strengthening leadership skills
  • Advising leaders and teams navigating organizational change
  • Creating a cohesive workplace culture around a shared vision
  • Identifying and prioritizing strategic goals
  • Transforming objectives into an achievable action plan
  • Designing and facilitating retreats
  • Developing and leading high-performance teams
  • Improving team alignment and collaboration
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Building stronger working relationships
  • Navigating diverse working and communication styles
  • Increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Enhancing interpersonal and communication skills
  • Managing conflict and difficult conversations
  • Mastering the delivery of productive feedback
  • Learning stress-reduction techniques
  • Resolving work-life balance challenges

Partnering with Epicycle

We believe that effective coaching relationships blend open dialogue, empathy, and constructive feedback. Professionals who are supported and held accountable can do their jobs better and help organizations achieve their goals.

After conducting an initial assessment, we provide customized solutions that are tailored to address specific client needs within a distinct organizational culture. Our work together will typically be ongoing for 6–12 months, though this timeline is flexible depending on your needs and what you'd like to achieve. Clearly defined, measurable goals will be articulated early in our work together, to ensure we’re continually moving forward towards your long-term goals.

For an initial consultation, please contact us.