Developing Your Business

Digital Marketing & Website Design

Bryan Santiago's Looker Lab will assess and analyze your online presence and devise effective strategies to maximize your brand, build your relationships, increase your audience, maintain loyalty and turn leads into conversions.



Brianna McCarty, Esq., is a real estate and business transactions attorney practicing in New York. Brianna represents and advises individuals and businesses in all stages of the business life cycle.

Marketing & Communications

Lindsey Greenberger focuses on building and managing partnerships and campaigns in the areas of health & wellness, cause, sustainability, and entertainment. Lindsey provides a strategic perspective to develop communications and marketing programs that support companies and nonprofits to help amplify their reach and social impact. 


Social Media/ SEO

Richard Wright's - Resources for Website Managers helps you reconcile how the Internet will
enhance your sales funnels and revenue models.


On the Job Hunt

Resources & Tips coming soon.



Pregnancy & Parenting

Parenting Groups

Red Tricycle has compiled a list of the top parenting groups in New York City. Parenting groups are a wonderful resource whether you're looking to meet other Moms and Dads, find out about new products for kids, or participate in online discussion boards to learn about a variety of parenting topics.


Workplace Rights

Susan Crumiller's Crumiller P.C. is a boutique litigation firm dedicated to fighting for women's rights in the workplace. They fight pregnancy discrimination and improper interference with family leave. They also fight sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Crumiller P.C. also represents NYC tenants in city and state court litigation.


Nutrition & Personal Training

Aynsley Kirshenbaum offers a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health. Her services include diet modifications, nutritional therapeutics, a sugar purge program, perinatal nutrition and fitness, stress management, goal setting and personal training.



Dr. Maggie Wood specializes in psychodynamic psychotherapy for adults and older adults. She has extensive training in the treatment of older adults, trauma, and women's and LGBTQ+ issues. Additional areas of special expertise include the treatment of persons with chronic medical illness, love and intimacy problems, parenting issues and identity confusion.

Reproductive & Maternal Health

The Seleni Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides clinical services, online information, professional training, and research funding for women's reproductive and maternal mental health.



Rachel Costello is a yoga teacher specializing in hatha, vinyasa, prenatal, postpartum, as well as yoga for labor and delivery. Through Yo Re Mi Rachel brings musical yoga enrichment to children all over NYC. She is also the co-founder of Yoga Builds - a professional development training program for adults that want to share yoga with children, pre-teens, teens and special needs youth.She believes yoga is a perfect way to harness our innate energy to increase self-awareness, confidence, health, positivity and balance, while having FUN! Contact Rachel for private adult or family yoga sessions.