Mastermind Groups bring entrepreneurs together in a collaborative setting once a month for a year. Through working with your cohort, hearing from guest speakers, setting ambitious goals, and increasing your accountability, you'll move your business forward faster than you would working alone.

Coaching supports professionals at critical points in their careers. Whether you're a career changer, working towards your next promotion, an entrepreneur building your business, or a new parent, coaching can provide clarity, new perspectives, and lead to a more satisfying work life.

Organizations have a unique opportunity to develop staff, strengthen teams, and retain talent. Whether you’re a seasoned leader, increasing team collaboration, or supporting managers planning for parental leave, coaching can help generate new skills, envision fresh possibilities and position employees to thrive.

The Mastermind Group has created an amazing opportunity to connect, give/get feedback, and share similar experiences with other entrepreneurs. In addition to getting useful advice and covering monthly topics that every entrepreneur struggles with, it’s also been a great motivational tool. Knowing that we have regular meetings gives me encouragement to keep moving forward, whether it’s working on personal business goals or goals set at the previous meeting. I would highly recommend this group and Sasha’s services to anyone looking for career counseling or to be a part of a group with like-minded individuals. It’s been a wonderful way to move forward with my business.
— Jessica Eno, Founder, Life. Styled
Sasha’s coaching service was motivating, inspiring, encouraging, and validating. As I neared the end of my second pregnancy and spent most of my days with my toddler (and part-time administrative work at a university), it was crucial - for me - to know that Sasha was there to keep pushing me forward to my goal of switching careers and attending acupuncture school. Her ability to keep my dream a reality was inevitably what allowed me to pursue acupuncture school. A year later, when my second child turned one, I started acupuncture school and was very satisfied to learn that this is exactly the right second career for me.
— Amy Joyce, Career changer
Becoming a parent for the first time is a life-changing experience, especially becoming a working mother. Shortly after having my first child, I was recruited for a high-level managerial position. Sasha assisted me in thinking through what taking on this role could look like given that I was a new parent. It was enormously helpful to have her as a sounding board. She provided a safe space for me to explore my options, asked helpful questions that helped me gain clarity, and our sessions gave me the courage to present my preferences during negotiations with my new employer. After accepting the position, I felt relieved and satisfied that I had asked for and gotten what I needed to balance this new role with motherhood.
— Catherine G., Senior Director